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I feel as if many of us don’t really see ourselves for who we truly are sometimes, in terms of appearance but even in terms of personality… When it comes to appearance, sometimes we might think too confidently about ourselves and then crash and hit the ground when we hear someone saying otherwise or feeling otherwise.. And then there’s times where we totally undermine this image of ourselves and underestimate our own beauty (again whether that be in terms of appearance or personality), and people may think the exact opposite and find us much more beautiful than we think we are (that’s where this video goes)… And it warms our hearts, boosts us a little bit.. Enough to feel content… Then there’s times where again, we underestimate ourselves, and people also seem to think exactly how we do about ourselves (of course not as worse) but it still hurts… Why is that? When really, image and it’s subjectivity shouldn’t matter at all… Because it’s subjective… it’s different to everyone.. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but there’s different opinions on that beauty.. Just because someone thinks you aren’t as beautiful, doesn’t mean you’re not beautiful at all… It just means in that person’s view.. Just that one person, you aren’t… Don’t take that subjectivity and dwell on it… 

Also.. this appearance is so temporary, we change each growing day and even with that change, what does it matter? It’s what’s inside of you and your heart that matters… While everything goes away (as well as looks), your personality stays with you… Your heart stays… The beauty of that (and what kind of deeds you have done) matters more than anything, as cliche as it sounds… It’s true.. So when someone doesn’t find you beautiful… in their eyes… Who cares? It doesn’t even matter… Plus God created us all in a special way, we’re all unique… and we should embrace that and appreciate it, not feel disheartened by what we feel are flaws just because of someone else… Because that opinion’s insignificance is overpowered by the significance of the blessing God has bestowed us with; our faces, our bodies, our every sense and movement… All of these are blessings.. As long as we are living, and we are healthy, we are blessed..(not to say we aren’t blessed otherwise in other aspects).. And that is all that matters. Look at the bigger picture… 

Who cares who we impress, who we don’t, especially with our appearance… Does it really matter in the end? We shouldn’t have to depend on other people’s approval or liking of ourselves… Be content with yourself first, then everything else will fall into place… And people who love you for who you are in the truest and bestest of ways, will always be there… People who don’t, won’t… And again, personality matters more than looks in the long run.. This was just something I was reflecting on today.. That we take some of these so seriously that we forget the bigger picture.. 

P.s—> Didn’t really proof-read too much, so excuse the grammatical or any other kinds of errors… Late night thinking… Sleepiness.. Yaknoww the drill.. 

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This speaks to me.. :P 

This speaks to me.. :P 

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When you really love someone, you make them stay. 

When you really love someone, you make them stay. 

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That beard though <333333 

That beard though <333333 

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Feeling this so hard right now….

"I will lay down my heart and I will feel the power.. but you won’t.. no you won’t..  Cause I can’t make you love me when you don’t… You can’t make your heart feel something that it won’t… " 

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Sushmita Sen for Charu Jewels - IIJW 2013


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