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Sushmita Sen for Charu Jewels - IIJW 2013


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New found love… for Nargis Fakhri… I’ve always found her attractive, but now I reeeally like her a lot! <3 

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Nargis Fakhri KWK reaction gifs // requested

Hahaha she’s so crazy I love it! xD

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I tried to make my title cool.. Lol.. I just need to vent, basically.

I’m just kind of confused/upset… It really pisses me off when someone can give another person the exact same amount of affection, with such ease, that they once gave to someone else who they claimed was going to be the ONLY special person to them in their life, and that nobody makes them feel the way they do… Why lie? If you’re not sure, don’t say it. And I’m not talking about, you know, after moving on etc, etc.. Because it makes sense, if you’ve moved on from someone and then you’re giving away this kind of affection, although still hurtful to the other person, it’s okay… But if you still come around at times and tell this person, who is now another “option” that they’re the most special person out there and that they make you feel like nobody else has… Yet you go around saying the same kinds of things to others, it doesn’t make any sense. Pick one person.. If you’re finding better options for yourself, stop complimenting this other person & suggesting how amazing a future would be with you and this other person.. Just stop… Hopes that rise like that suck, and they crush a heart more and more… So stop. Pheww.

Secondly, much more minor; crushes!! When you’re finally moving on from your past and realizing there’s no point in dwelling, and you are out there ready to explore… You meet various kinds of people.. You have people flirting with you, talking and getting to know people… It’s all great.. UNTIL… The conversation dies.. So, say you met a person and you’re getting to know them and having a great time talking and the conversation continues to go on for days… But one day, it kind of stops, and you don’t continue the conversation because you want to see if the other person makes an effort, again… & you want to gauge how interested they really are in you… But… They don’t message! So, you’re left there kind of feeling bummed out because you were having a great time talking, but now you’re doubting whether or not the other person felt the same way! But by the way they were talking, it definitely seemed like they did… Well, you wait it out.. But you break your ego and message either the next day or after.. What happens next? Don’t know! Will have to find out in the next episode of Ventocerous! ;) 

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"What did we learn about girls today?"



"What did we learn about girls today?"


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Perfectly visualised songs: Highway - Patakha Guddi

I wanna watch this again!! =) <33

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<333333 ahhhh 

This movie = beyond amazing 

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